Therapeutic Groups

I co-developed Cumbria’s first weekly Singing For The Brain group for The Alzheimer’s Society and led 2 thriving groups for 6 years. This started me on a passionate journey to provide uplifting and dynamic singing opportunities for people living with dementia and their carers.

The structure of the singing sessions with the integrated games and equipment have a positive impact on the quality of life for all participants. Positive feedback from participants on the physical, mental and emotional benefits have been enduring and are clearly visible to witness.

Over the years I’ve struggled with having to turn people away without a dementia diagnosis when all neurological conditions have some areas of shared challenges such as short-term memory loss, balance and co-ordination impairment, difficulties with speech to name just a few. So after 6 years of running Singing for the Brain in Barrow and Kendal, I handed the established groups over to other facilitators to step away and create unrestricted groups.

In April 2015 I began running 2 therapeutic singing groups open to anyone having developed a neurological condition i.e. Dementia, Parkinson’s, Stoke, Brain injury etc.
Dedicated volunteers and myself began developing the Kendal based charitable group, With Singing in Mind which launched with over 20 people attending the first session.

I created a non-profit company, Moon Moth Arts for the Barrow group Headstrong in Song! and have self-funded and promoted this group. With 2 people at the first session and 11 regular members 17 weeks later, shows the need for funding to be raised to ensure the group continues in Barrow.

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