Headstrong In Song

Headstrong in Song is a therapeutic singing group designed for those affected by an acquired neurological condition.

With the help of dalton creatives, we have received a generous grant from The Roselands Trust.

This funding has gone a long way to help secure nearly a full year of sessions.

Do you know someone living with a neurological condition such as Parkinson’s, Stroke, Dementia, MS, Brain Injury etc?

We sing familiar songs and learn new ones.

We strengthen co-ordination and the connection between body and mind through the use of equipment such as a parachute, beanbags and percussion etc.

Singing improves mood and overall health.
Singing familiar songs in a fun and stimulating group helps:
*Release ‘feel good’ chemicals
*Boost the immune system
*Exercise the respiratory system
*Flex the brain

1.30pm Refreshments and social time.
2-3pm Singing led by Ali Rigg, followed by more refreshments.
£3 per session.

Held at Dalton Community Centre, 21 Nelson Street, Dalton-in-Furness, LA15 8AF

For more information call Ali on 07812 155104 sing@alirigg.net

Supported by The Roselands Trust

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