Community Singing

Whether you are an experienced singer or one of the many whose singing voice was stolen long ago, you are welcome to come along to any of my regular open access groups.

My groups offer different levels of song complexity and commitment needed but all sessions are focused, fun and educational.

Sing Your Heart Out is based in Barrow-in-Furness on a Wednesday evening and is a weekly mixed adult choir now starting it 11th and final year.
This group works towards an end of year performance for family and friends.
As it’s a more committed group we can learn more complex songs with the added support from access to recordings to help with the learning process.

A-Choir-in’ Your Natural Voice is based in Grange-Over-Sands and is a group meeting the 1st and 3rd Wednesday afternoon in the month. A well attended group that sing different songs each session and are learning the joy of sounding fantastic in a short period of time.


My ethos and methods.

Having 18 plus years experience as a Natural Voice Network practitioner, I’m a strong advocate that singing is everyone’s birthright. I also challenge the common belief that you either can or can’t sing.

It’s just a set of bones, muscles, ligaments (and other squishy bits!) that collectively perform a function.                    Just in the same way your hand has had to learn and develop its finer motor skills, the voice also needs the same awareness and practice.

My groups are a chance to enjoy opening up your voice to great tunes whilst improving your skills in listening, timing and tuning as you go.

I teach a variety of culturally diverse a cappella songs by ear.

I sing a line and you echo it back… How simple is that!

Gradually the different parts begin to layer up into beautiful and at times striking and unusual harmonies.

The songs vary in levels of difficulty and remain free of the need for sheet music or any understanding of music theory. This way there are fewer boundaries for the inexperienced and a far more solid recall of the songs, so you can enjoy singing them whenever you want to..

Sharing vocal tips and tricks as I go, I invite you to engage with the sensation of your voice and it’s huge potential. With even basic understanding you can enjoy singing with less effort and with greater strength and confidence.

I aim for my sessions to be fully inclusive and will offer concessionary rates to individuals on very low income.

Please call me to arrange this on 07812 155104.

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